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Mosquito Proof Yards

MPYlogoMosquito Proof Yards is an organic, garlic based product that is used as an AREA repellant, NOT a personal repellant.  Mosquito Proof Yards naturally deters mosquitos from the applied area for up to three weeks without harming your family, pets or lawn.  

For best results, we recommend having your back yard BBQ, wedding or event of any type sprayed the day before, to allow the mosquitos, as well as the garlic odour to disperse before your guest arrive.

This product(s) was classified on May 9, 2011 and effective this date it is legal for sale and use in Ontario.  Classified products will be posted on the Ministry of Environment website and updated in the ministry's database.  If you have any questions concerning this decision please contact the Ontario Pesticide Advisory Committee (OPAC) office at 416-314-9230.  Note that section 8 of Ontario Regulations 63/09 requires registrants whose products are classified into classes 1 to 7 to notify OPAC of any changes in the pesticide's registration or label within 30 days after you were notified of the change by Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency.