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Jocelyne & Stephen Elliot

My husband and I just purchased a Big Green Egg and we are very thrilled with it.

My husband and I just purchased a Big Green Egg and we are very thrilled with it. It makes the best ribs, chicken, beef and pizza's ever. We are just learning how to cook with it but it is fun and the food is amazingly delicious to eat. We have had guests over several times when we cook with the Big Green Egg they have all commented on how absolutely flavorable and scrumptious the meat done on the Big Green tastes. We have also purchased some hickory wood chips to enhance the smoke flavour of the meat and that went over big with our guests.

We love our green egg, its fast to start, excellent to cook with and the taste reminds my husband of the old fashion charcoal and wood barbecues he grew up at the cottage on Charleston Lake. The Big Green Egg is worth every penny. Initially we were going to purchase the Big Green Egg in Ottawa but when we noticed it was available locally we decided to buy in Kemptville instead and we are very happy with that decision. Indeed we also are very pleased with the excellent, professional service we have received from The Heat Source in terms of delivery and setting up of the Big Green Egg, answering questions and getting accessories we have wanted. Thanks Monique for helping make summer entertaining such a wonderful and tasty experience; and if you have any potential customer who want first hand testimony regarding The Big Green Egg we'd be happy to talk to them.