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Chimney Sweeping


Don't forget the chimney!

Ideally, spring is the time to think about your chimney, because sweeps are going crazy in the fall, so don't put off your chimney needs before using your fireplaces. The Heat Source provides guidance on the correct use of fireplaces and storage of wood.

Fireplace and Inserts

A common myth is that a chimney needs to be swept every year - not true. But a chimney should at least be inspected before use each year. Ask for a WETT Certified Technical Sweep (that's us), in which the professional examines the readily accessible portions of the chimney.


Woodstoves are a different beast however, they should be swept more than once a year. A general rule of thumb is that a cleaning should be performed for every 1/4 inch of creosote, anywhere that it's found. Why? If it's ash, then it's primarily lye, the same stuff that was once used to make soap, and it's very acidic. It can cause motar and the metal damper to rot.


  • Buy a protective cap for your chimney, with a screen. It's probably the single easiest protection because it keeps out foreign objects (birds, tennis balls, etc) as well as rain that can mix with the ash and eat away at the fireplace's walls. You should be buying based on durability, not for its decorativeness.
  • To keep out cold air, fireplace owners should keep their chimney's damper closed when the fireplace isn't in use. And for the same reason, woodstove owners should have glass doors on the stoves, and keep them closed when the stove isn't in use.

Chimney sweeping and care are our specialty. Our thorough sweep service is assisted by a powerful vacuum that prevents any soot, dust or debris from entering your home atmosphere. We lay drop cloths in front of your unit to protect your flooring and hearth. Brushes are typed and sized to fit your chimney flues materials and dimensions exactly for the best possible effect on soot removal. Every chimney and appliance serviced, receives a thorough 21 point safety evaluation of all visible areas. We also check for code compliance and proper clearance for stoves, inserts and prefab chimneys and smoke pipes.


We use quality, listed and warranted stainless steel and aluminum chimney liners and components in both flexible, rigid and insulated models. We reline chimneys for wood, oil, gas, propane and oil burning equipment and inserts. Relining can prevent early deterioration of flues & prolong the life of your chimney. Highly recommended for masonry flues venting propane, oil or gas appliances.


Rebuildng from the roof line up with quality building supplies to proper compliance heights. We will do our best to match your existing brickwork as closely as possible to ensure a uniform look. Tuckpointing is performed to ensure the integrity of the mortar work between existing brickwork and reparation or replacement of the cement crown cap can be done to ensure proper moisture runoff. Tuckpointing and repair to interior fireboxes and smoke chambers.