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With any Heat Source purchase (Fireplace, BBQ or Outdoor Kitchen), The Heat Source offers low payment financing.


Does it really have to be done? YES!

gas fireAnyone who has a Natural Gas or Liquid Propane insert or free standing fireplaces in their home should have an annual cleaning. This service is recommended by all manufactures and should be done by a qualified gas technician. This service can be done at anytime throughout the year not necessarily in the fall or winter. It ensures your fireplace is working well and there are no leaks in the gasket. Your fireplace will run at its peak efficiency and look like new.

Here at The Heat Source we provide this service for our customers. Satisfaction guaranteed. We will go through a 15 point check list such as: gas leak test, fan checked, fuel/air mix checked for proper combustion characteristics, glass check for general condition and much more.

You will receive a copy of the check list to ensure we, The Heat Source, have completed the service.